Teaching Students in a Digital World

Our students won’t have lived in this world without the use of digital technologies and skills. Technology is used in every industry and throughout entire organizations. How are you preparing your students?

2 responses to “Teaching Students in a Digital World”

  1. Making sense and use of practical, technological applications in completing course and work assignments is needed across the spectrum of learning and work! Creating methodologies that keep it discipline relevant and applicable draw interest and applicable interdisciplinary learning!
    Congratulations, YOU are DOING Just that Dr. Stacy Gee Hollins!

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  2. I appreciate that you make a distinction between students knowing about an application, and knowing how to navigate through one. My generation has a tendency to defer to the next generation when it comes to technology and assume that they’re proficient. It was interesting to hear that they have their own technological insecurities as well. Thank you for helping empower them and making them more competitive in the job market.

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